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There are a few ways to feel after someone leaves.

You can be happy about it, because maybe it’s a relief. Maybe they were not the one. Maybe they were so awful to you that you wince at the slightest memory of them, and it feels better knowing that they’re not ever coming back.

You can be indifferent, like that person never carved any initials or dates or stories into the layers of your skin. There are no ripples of their presence in your entirety and so what if they’re gone — They weren’t helping you grow or giving you life.

You could be mad. Why the fuck would they choose to be anywhere but there with you? You had plenty of things to offer them but they didn’t fucking pick you, they picked her. And you will never let someone be the reason you find sunshine in darkness again.

Or you could be completely eradicated. Everything that you were once, you will never be again. They were your person and without them you hardly exist. You are the tree in the forest that everyone once carved into…only you are decaying, and there is only diseased rot where initials and dates and stories once existed. And every ripple comes in waves because that person was your entirety. They helped you grow. They gave you life. They were the reason that you found energy in even the blackest of holes. Now you’re thinking what energy? What life? Hell, now, you are the fucking black hole. You take everything in, and nothing comes out. Not one thing. You are eternal emptiness. Without them, you have nothing and no one that you even want to give back to.

There are a million and one ways to behave after someone leaves you… but all you can seem to do is remember their touch, and their scent, and how they take their coffee, and the ways they used to ask questions backwards. All you can picture is their eyes when they smiled, and their smile when they laughed. You read things in their voice, and you hear their voice when you remember the times they called you at 3AM just to remind you that you were the single reason their heart sent blood coursing through their veins. You think of them when you see old things that remind you of them. And you see tons of new things, but you don’t call them new, because the only person you want to even acknowledge them with isn’t here; You don’t really see them. It doesn’t even count when they’re not around.

Nothing counts because that someone was your fucking everything and how do you see anything when you’re left with nothing?

There are a million and one ways to behave after someone leaves you…and I can’t see anything.


You Left Me Blind and Eradicated by Sadie Trainor (shvtd0wn)

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